Multiplying three numbers


We are going to see the  multiplying three (3)numbers ,the three numbers may be in any form such as decimal ,fraction, integer ,we have to multiply the numbers .Here the rules of the multiplication is same also ,the multiplication ,it is the scaling operation of one number withthe another number we called as the multiplication of 3 numbers .It is also called the similar form of the addition, multiplication is used forreducing the addition

Types of the number:

  • Integer
  • Decimal,
  • Fraction

 In the multiplication we have to note one thing here if we multiply thenumber with the negative sign we have to remember to use the multiplication sign it is used for the represents the number in terms ofthe sign.

Multiplying sign rule:

 The above table represents the multiplication rule for the sign if two numbers are negative means the result is positive , if two numbers are negative means the result is positive, if two numbers are positive e means the result is positive, if any one of the  numbers is  negative means the result is also the negative .

 This is the formula for multiplying the sign, multiplying with 3 numbers, here the number may be any type (integer, decimal, fraction or it may be the mixed fraction) here we are going to see the multiplication of 3 numbers with the any type of the number

Example problems:

Example 1:

Multiplying three numbers:

Suppose the one number is 7, the one is 0.9 and the 3rd number id 3/4 find the multiplication?


  We can notice here all the numbers are positive and all are in different format


Example 2:

If the number one is the 9, another is -11 and the 3rd number id 8 finds the multiplication?



 Here two numbers are positive and the last one is the negative we use the multiplication rule here the n only we have to fin d the given number is positive or naive using the above rule. If the two numbers are positive means the result also the positive here 3rd number is the negative so if we multiply negative with the positive the result is also the negative.