Basic Algebra Calculator


    In mathematics, the numerical numbers are studied by algebra. The basicalgebra contains many equations and polynomials. The basic algebra alsohas the some basic concepts. These concepts are mainly used to understand about the algebra. Here we will see about these concepts and the examples that solving by algebra calculator.

Basic Concepts

There are four basic concepts are available in algebra. Such as,

1. Polynomial

     A polynomial of quantity one is referred as a linear polynomial.

2. Algebraic Expressions

     It is a one of the separation of polynomial. It is denoted by a letters and exponent.

3. Quadratic Equation

     In the basic algebra, a quadratic equation in a variable of A. An equation is as following Xa2+yb+c=0

4. Algebraic Identities

     The equation (a+b)2=a2+2ab+b2. This is the algebraic identities.


1) Multiplying the following two numbers using by algebra calculator.110*107.


     110*107= (100+10)*(100+7)

                    = (100)2+ (100 x 7) + (10 x 100) + (10 x 7)

                    =10000+ 700+1000+70


2) Multiplying the following three numbers using by algebra calculator. 103*104*105


     103*104*105 = (100+3)*(100+4)*(100+5)

                             = (100)2+(100*4)+(3*100)+(3*4)*(100+5)

                             = (10000+400+300+12)*(100+5)


                             = (10712*100)+(10712*5)

                             = 1071200+53560

                             = 1124760.

3) simplify the following equation using by algebra calculator.15x+6y+4x+5a


     First we must join the related terms. Here the related terms are 15x and 4x. The other are not a related terms.

     Now grouping the term and get the following term.

         (15x+4 x)+6y+5a

     Finally we get,


     Assemble by alphabetical order. So we got,


4) Simplify the equation by using algebra calculator. -3[-2(x-3y) +5y]


     Given equation is -3[-2(x-3y) +5y)]

     First expand out of the round brackets.

           -2(x-3y) =-2x+6y.

     Applying this one to the main equation.

           =-3[-2(x-3y) +5y)]


          = -3[-2x+11y]


     We can simplify this term dividing by 3

     So we get the following equation


These examples are calculated by algebra calculator.