Algebra symbols terms

Algebrais one of the most basic element of mathematics in which, we switch from basic arithmetic to variables. Here instead of using numbers we usedifferent variables to represent different parameters. Algebra has various subdivisions like polynomials, graphing, system of equations, logarithms, etc. Algebrasymbols are very important to give life to the expressions because without the algebraic math symbols it is not possible to solve, moreoverthe expression cannot be formed. Algebra terms are keywords used in algebra. The list of symbols with description and the list of terms withdescription is explained in the following sections.

Symbols and terms:

Algebraic symbols: 

 Algebraicsymbols play a very important role in mathematics, because it is the ultimate requirement for performing operations on variables, forming expressions, solving. It can be also assumed as the backbone of mathematics and they form math. The algebraic symbols gives the meaning for the expression, equation, etc.

Algebraic terms:

 Algebraicterms can also be said as keywords  because, they are used to representterms used in algebra. These words explain a particular term or a group. They can also be called as keywords used to represent elements ofalgebra. The usage of terms is essential because, it is used to differentiate terms and elements. For example: Variables, constants.

Algebraic terms:

The list of algebra terms and their description is given below,

Quadratic Equations
Algebraic terms
VariablesVariables are keywords used to represent an unknown quantity. Usually in algebra x. y. z. are used as variables.
ConstantsAsthe name implies, Constants are used to represent constant values whichdoesn't change during the course of solving. Constants are numbers. Example: 4x +2 =0 , where 2 is the constant.
Polynomials Expressionsof a particular distance end to end with variables (x, y) multiplied with constants and constants individually are called as polynomials. Example: 3x +9y +4
Co-efficientsThese are used to represent terms which are present along with the variables. Example: In 4x, 4 is the co-efficient of x.
TermsTermsare used to represent a particular number or variable or any particularitem or individual item. Example: 2x +3y , 2x is a term. 
ExpressionsThis  word is used to represent group of numbers and variables with symbols. 3x +8y +2
EquationsEquations use equal to symbol. It is used to equate some terms with other terms. 3x +2y =2
Quadratics are expressions with highest degree of 2. Example: 3x2 +2x +4
RationalUsed to represent fractions
RadicalsUsed to represent terms with roots.

Algebraic symbols:

The following table gives the list of symbols with their description,

  Symbols  Description 
   Equal to. 
 Less than.
 Greater than.
<=  Less than or equal to.
>=   Greater than or equal to.


x greater than a and less than b.
a<=x<=b  x is less than or equal to b and x greater than or equal to  
Log  Logarithmic symbol.
Bn  B to the power n.
{a, b, c, d}  A set with elements a, b, c, d.
Imaginary number.
A  It is the nth term of A.
S  Sum of n terms
f (x)  Function of x.
a+ bi Complex number.
y = log x Y is equal to the logarithm of x.
y = ln x Y is equal to natural.
y = log b Y is equal to logarithm of x with the base b.
f ’  Inverse of ‘f’
(a, b) Ordered pairs
LCM Least Common Multiple.
LCD Least Common Divisor.
n! The nth factorial.
X variable unknown
≡  Equivalence
Approximately equal (weak)
≈  Approximately (equal)
∝  Proportional to
∞ Infinity symbol
( )  Parentheses
[ ] Brackets
{ } Braces
x!  Exclamation
∑ Sigma
∑∑ Sigma double