Units for Measuring Angles


The unit for measuring the angles is in degrees. The geometry angles in mathematics are formed between the two rays. The angles in geometry are measured in the degrees for the problems. The unit of angle is a degree which is represented by a small circle on the top. Now we see about the units for measuring the angles.

About Units for Measuring Angles:

Let us see about the concepts for the units for measuring angles in degrees.

  The angles values are measured in the geometry with the help of the geometry are called as the protractor.

  By using the protractor, a image and the angles can be measured in degrees and can be measured as radians in point can be marked on the line and is drawn in that point.

  The protractor is placed on the geometry circles.

  Now we see the problems for units measuring angles in degrees.

Problems for Units for Measuring Angles:

Let us see examples for the unit measuring angles.

Example 1:

  Represent the measure for the angle in unit of the complementary angle whose one of the angles is about 39º.


  The complementary angles can be equal to 90 degrees and given as follows,

  x + 39º = 90º

  Now subtract the angle 39 from 90 degrees we get,

  x = 90º - 39º

  The measure of angle is given in the unit degrees for the complementary angle is given as,

  x = 51º

  The complementary angle of 39º is 51º

Example 2:

  Represent the measurement of the angle y in the unit degrees where the angle x is 86 degrees and determine the angle y of the supplementary?


  Now we are going to measure the supplementary angles as follows,

  x + y = 180º

  86º + y = 180º

  y = 180º - 86º

  y = 94º

  The angle is measured as 94 degrees.