List of all polygon shapes


In geometry a polygon is traditionally a plane figure that is bounded by a closed path or circuit, composed of a finite sequence of straight line segments. These segments are called its edges or sides, and the points where two edges meet are the polygon's vertices or corners. The interior of the polygon is sometimes called its body. (Source– Wikipedia). The name of the each polygon will vary by its number of sides. In this article we shall see the list of all polygons and its names.

List of all polygon shapes:

The below list shows the name of the all polygon, number of sides and its internal angles.

Number of sides polygon name   Internal angles 

  3  Triangle  60°

  4  Square or Quadrilateral                90°

  5  Pentagon  108°

  6  Hexagon  120°

  7  Heptagon  128.571°

  8  Octagon  135°

  9  Nonagon or Ennagon  140°

  10  Decagon  144°

  11  Hendecagon or Undecagon  147.273°

  12  Dodecagon  150°

  13  Triskaidecagon  152.308°

  14    Tetrakaidecagon  154.286°

  15  Pendedecagon  156°

  16  Hexdecagon  157.5°

  17  Heptdecagon  158.824°

  18  Octdecagon  160°

  19  Enneadecagon  161.053°

  20  Icosagon  162°

  30  Triacontagon  168°

  40  Tetracontagon  171°

  50  Pentacontagon  172.8°

  60  Hexacontagon  174°

  70  Heptacontagon  174.857°

  80  Octacontagon  175.5°

  90  Enneacontagon  176°

  100  Hectagon  176.4°

  1000  Chiliagon  179.640°

  10000  Myriagon  179.964°

We shall discus about basic some polygon shapes.

Names of all polygons - some basic polygons:


  Triangleis a three sided regular polygons. Its all three sides and three internal angles are equal. The sum of its internal angles is 1800. the diagram of triangle is shown in below.


Area of equilateral triangle (A) =a2 x `sqrt(3)/4` square units

  a – side length

Perimeter of equilateral triangle (P) = a + a + a units

              = 3 a

            a – side length

 Square or quadrilateral:

  The square is a four sided regular polygon. Its all four sides and four internal angles are equal. The internal angles are 900. The sum of internal angle of square is 3600. The diagram of square is shown in below. 


  Area of square, A = a2

    a – side length

Perimeter of the square, P = 4a units


  It is a five sided regular polygon. Its all five sides are equal. Its each five internal is 1080. The sum of internal angles is 5400. The diagram of pentagon is shown in below.


  Area of the pentagon (A) = 1.72 a2 square units

  a - side length

  Perimeter of the pentagon (P) = 5a units


   It is a six sided regular polygon. Its all has six sides and six internal angles are equal. Its each internal angle is 1200. The sum all internal angles is 7200. The diagram of hexagon is shown in figure.


  Area of the pentagon (A) = 2.6 a2 square units

  a - side length

  Perimeter of the pentagon (P) = 6a units