Maths Answer

Generally basic math help you to learn basic things of math like addition, subtraction, multiplication, division. In our site we are covering different types of math like : Geometry, Number-System, Trigonometric, Algebra, Statistics, calculus, etc...

The basic math is the arithmetic operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and algebra 1, the algebra is the branch of basic math which deals with the rules of operations and relations, and the building and concepts occur from them, containing terms, polynomials. Algebra can be used with geometry, combinatory, and number theory. Let us see some of the basic math questions.

Numbers are the heart of mathematics. There is nothing in mathematics without numbers. Expressing the numbers in various formats are said to be writing process. There are various ways in writing a number. Also we can find various rules in writing a number in math.

In mathematics, we can use the “and” symbol in discrete math section. The math symbol denoting the “and” is ^. For example p ^ q, we have used in logic truth tables. It is one of the logical operator and it can be denoted as AND or &. Also we are using in the fuzzy logic and contradictory to their functions.